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I asked myself that question this morning when I got up to go about my day, to raise my kids, to make soap, to cook, to train to keep fit and strong - am I doing something that matters?

Today my answer is: Yes.

Sharing something positive and personal with people is very important to me, and I consider myself blessed to be able to do so through Ladson’s. From the day I started making soap, I was fascinated with the fact that I could create a product with materials harvested by people who care and sustain the environment. It not only reconnected and educated me about the environment - I felt like I could do something that matters for others.

Ladson’s is not just another beauty brand. You can’t buy your youth from us, or get a cream that magically makes your wrinkles disappear. I use my products as a means to give people a positive experience in life, from the inside out, to effect change for the better. My belief is that everyone is touched by something good. And hopefully that something good can be a bar of Rusted Mint, a bar of our Shampoo, our non-toxic Conditioner Bar, or Lotion Bar.

Our products all have ingredients that you won't find on the back of the label: honesty, personality, truth. We set our standards high, because with every choice you make you help someone’s day: in the rainforest of Borneo, the olive groves in Tunisia, somewhere in the Indian wilderness.

I am passionate to give, so that your purchase can also affect what matters. Try our products today and help to encourage change to more sustainable choices when it comes to your beauty.


  • Rusted Mint: Coconut Oil from North Sulawesi, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tunisia
  • Daily Shampoo: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tunisia.
  • Conditioner Bar: Mango Butter from India, Coco Butter from Ghana, Argan Oil from Morocco.
  • Avocado Lotion Bar: Unrefined Avocado Oil from Ethiopia, Illipe butter from the rainforest of Borneo.

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