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Meet the Maker


Ladson’s was founded in the spring of 2020 after a seemingly endless journey to find the right skincare for me. For me, soap had become synonymous with “drying out your skin.” It was either too perfumed or not scented enough, it was too greasy or too abrasive. Looking back I never liked how half-empty plastic bottles would accumulate in my shower and that at the end of its life it would be impossible to close the lid on it because it got so clogged with dried liquid soap.

I had the idea of making soap when I met my husband, who is a farrier. He introduced me to the fact that tea tree was antifungal and that he would like a soap with tea tree oil to clean his hands after work since he shod horses feet all day long.

It wasn’t until five years later - I don't even remember how - I made my first batch of soap. And I was hooked.

That Ladson’s would become what it is today baffles me still - this journey has been incredible. It is highly creative, hyper-focused at times and completely consuming. Not only do I get to work with incredible powerful ingredients I also end up with a product that is good for my skin - the biggest organ of our body. With these products, I now feel that taking a shower is a pleasure, that leaves my skin well hydrated and completely taken care of. The red circles around my nostrils are gone since I use my own blended serums, the skin on my legs stays good looking for a day or two without having to lotion it. I feel better all-around even though I “just” changed my skin care routine.

My goal with Ladson’s is to convince many others not only to get rid of their plastic bottles of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and lotion but also to experience the importance of skin care for your overall well-being. Using customized bar soap is like a food that you’ve heard of many times, but walk past at the market every day, and never try - until you do and then you taste it and it blows your mind.

Zero Waste Soap

It is of the most importance that all my ingredients are of the highest quality. Organic, Fair Traded, sustainable and/or wild harvested and absolutely pure. It’s a journey that I hope I can take you along and provide you with a product that you love as much as I do.

Change your skin care routine and love it.

Yours truly, Louise

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