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Our Story

All-natural Ingredients

Making soap combined many of my passions, like cooking, painting, pottery, herbal studies and natural living.

I make my products in small, unique batches. My soap kitchen is like an art studio more than it is a soap factory. Sometimes it takes me a few days to figure out how to formulate a bar of soap, how to color it, how to scent it and how to design it. I only use natural ingredients and scents and I make my own essential oil blends. None of my soap bars or products are scented with fragrance oils.

I am so excited to share something luxurious and yet handcrafted with other people, that completely satisfies my skin, for the first time. With Ladson’s, my life has changed and the way I care about my skin - our biggest organ. Everyone’s skin is different, and so are the combinations of oils and butters that I use for my soaps.

My products are top quality and purely handmade by me. I use only organic oils and fair-traded sometimes “wild harvested” butters. I work with nature preserving, conscientious suppliers, who focus on sustainability and innovation. Because I encourage all of my costumers to try get rid of the plastic bottles in the shower, my packaging is reusable and recyclable.

Yours truly, Louise

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