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I don’t need to explain how to use bar soap but just make sure that you let your soap bar dry. You will end up with a soft mush if you keep it in a dish that doesn’t drain or leave it on a counter top. Get a soap dish or a shower caddy that can hold your soap bar while you are not using it.



When your hair is wet scrub your scalp with the bar all over. Don’t try to lather it up just between your hands it works best if you apply it directly to your wet hair. Once you get a good lather put the shampoo stick up and massage your hair and scalp for a minute. Rinse. I usually only wash my hair once. Never twice.

A shower brush works great while you rinse your hair just brush it out.


Conditioner Bars

These round disks are fairly soft. Don’t use too much but use it like soap. You can either apply it as pre-wash conditioner to your dry or wet hair. Massage into roots and tips. Let it sit for a minute before you wet your hair or apply the shampoo directly over it – then rinse it out at once. If you feel like you need to wash your hair twice after applying the conditioner that’s perfectly fine.

If you want to use it as after-wash conditioner just apply a small amount into the wet tips of your hair, wrap your hair with a towel and let it air dry.


Skin Serums

Here less really is more. If you use too much of the serums your skin (in your face) might be likely to break out. I would start with 4 drops on a damp face after washing it. A face mist works great before you apply it. Or try putting a warm wet washcloth on your face before you apply the oil; your skin will absorb any product much better when its slightly damp or even wet. Sometimes I take oils into the shower and apply them right after showering even before I pat dry with a towel.



I use my balms on hands, face, feet, knees and elbwos and even in hair. They are super versatile. You can try applying them like a mask on a wet washed face; gently take off with a cotton wipe or a clean washcloth. I always use an olive spatula to take the product out of the jar this will keep your product clean and it malkes it way easier to tale out small amounts. Here too: less is more. Start with a little and reapply if you need it. Remember these are pure butters not watered down so a little goes a long way.



Whenever I use my butters I always rub it in while my skin is still wet. I keep my jar close by so I can apply it before I pat dry with the towel. I would say that you can apply a walnut-sized amount to your whole body if your skin is wet. This way the butter should last you at least a month if not longer.


Lotion Bars

The lotion bar is used in spots; like around your nostrils, on your lips, on the side of your heels.

I keep mine in one of Ladson’s wooden boxes. In order to keep these bars solid and container-free they contain a fair amount of beeswax and or rice bran wax. In the summer months they will be softer in the winter you might have to warm them up between your palms but you should be able to apply it easily to your lips just like chap stick without the plastic tube. 

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