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In Georgia, it's hard for me to remember what it was like to live in Vermont, where we dealt with temperatures below zero for months at a time. I would use thick lotions and butters to protect my skin. I would literally get estranged from my body because I would always be covered in clothes to keep warm. (You end up never seeing yourself naked! Except briefly in the hot shower)

To heat the house, we were burning a wood-fired stove which would make the air extremely dry, so we always kept a pickling pot of water on top of it to add humidity, but even that seemed like a hopeless battle.

If you live in a colder climate, it is helpful to know more about our kokum butter, a key ingredient in our Facial Butter Bar.

Our supplier works with rural cooperatives in Sindhudrug, Maharatscha, India, to produce our custom-made, all-natural, raw, unrefined kokum butter. The butter is solely extracted by physical methods. The Garcinia Indica trees have been growing wild in that region for eons, so all the fruit is wild-harvested by local farmers. None of these trees are exposed to chemical fertilizers or pesticides of any kind, which makes this product as natural and raw as it gets.

Our Facial Butter Bar can be applied to the face (or body), and it will leave a protective layer of incredibly nourishing exotic butter on your skin.

This particular bar is unscented. The natural notes of our unrefined ingredients make it smell heavenly soft, and it's perfectly safe to use on kids and babies.

For everybody who lives in warmer climates during the winter, I recommend using small amounts of our Watermelon Seed Oil to keep your skin's natural glow.

If you need more moisture around your nose and eyes, the Facial Butter Bar makes for easy spot treatment at night after cleansing and toning before applying any serums or creams.

Watch How Kokum Butter Is Made

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