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We are a bit late in wishing you a Happy New Year. My year ended with a bang and started with a bang; as always I do not know what to expect in 2023. That can be unsettling. But I am learning: if I don't control what happens to me, what is left is each and every moment, the incredible power of nature, and a great calm.

As far as Ladson's goes: we will be new for many of you in 2023. We will be some brand you have never heard of, a small business that sells handcrafted soap, a brand that is trying to reduce the impacts of beauty packaging on our land, a brand that does not use any weird chemicals to preserve products on the shelves of giant retailers, a brand that makes its own bar soap, by people, by hand.

If in 2023 you try our products for the first time, I hope that it might be an enlightening moment, a "game changer" in your skincare, a feeling of contentment in your own body, a feeling of empowerment that you CAN impact the world and yourself in a positive way. If Ladson's can only give more people a chance to experience something truly good in 2023, I have reached my resolution for this coming year.

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