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Did you miss a chance to look up our Winter Special Soap? Are you looking for something that looks and feels more manly?

I can help. Let me shine a light on Georgia Pine. A soap that fascinates me every time I get it out of the mold. It is such a powerfully scented, earthy-looking bar, and its benefits are mind-blowing: you can't get a soap like that anywhere else.

Here are a few facts about this healing powerhouse:

  • The olive oil in this soap is infused with fresh-cut, local pine needles for 24 hours
  • The essential oils in this bar can help with the respiratory system
  • Pine needles contain vitamin A and are known to heal wounds
  • Pine is naturally anti-inflammatory
  • Chopped-up Pine needles in this bar add texture and exfoliation
  • We add charcoal for color and as an additional cleansing agent
If you struggle with chafed skin or itchiness during the cold winter months, I cannot emphasize enough that this soap will make a change for you.

Yours truly
The Ladson's Team.

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