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Holiday season brings so much joy, but for some people it can also bring a lot of stress and anxiety. Financial strains, unwanted celebrations, having to be happy and joyful, where it doesn't seem like a choice, but a must. Dealing with family, travel, and in-laws can be very stressful.

We are here to remind you that a self-care ritual can be a place of refuge for the body and the mind.

Our skin care products are all made by hand in Flowery Branch, Georgia. We know all of our meticulously sourced, raw materials. We don't add any preservatives, acids or synthetic fragrances to our products. We are completely palm oil free. Ladson’s believes that what you put on your skin has a direct impact on how you feel inside. Our soaps, shampoos, balms and lotion bars are more than just skincare: they are a decision to embrace a better lifestyle for your skin.

Give yourself or someone you love the purest, most natural skincare that is committed to enrich everyone with strength and well-being to feel their best going into this Holiday Season. Click here to view our finest collection of handcrafted soaps.

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