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This newsletter has little to do with soap, but then it does: I found myself singing along to a children's song with my kids in the car from the Imagination Workshop Band called Bye-Bye.

I recommend it to all moms who love to sing in the car with their kids.

Bye-Bye is about why there are no sea turtles in New York City but a lot of pigeons. The story goes that a sea turtle wants to fly to New York City but has no wings. So she asks a pigeon to take her along, and the pigeon tells her: "sure, just bite down real hard on the end of this stick and don't open your mouth until the end of the trip. Then, I will fly you to New York City."
The sea turtle is so happy it bites down on the end of the stick, and the pigeon takes wing. Since the turtle could not open her mouth, she sings in her heart: "bye bye I am going away pigeon friend, fly me to New York City, bye bye I am going away …"

All the sea turtles that remain at the beach look up into the sky at the flying turtle and they shout "farewell!". The turtle wants to reply to her dear friends, so she opens her mouth as fast as possible, saying as fast as she can: "Bye Bye!".

Well, before she knows it, the pigeon finds herself turtle-less. And you can guess what ends up being the fate of the turtle and the reason why there are not many sea turtles in New York City.

This song makes me think about sticks at the beach and how - before long - a turtle wanting to fly to NYC - would have to bite down on a plastic bottle or hang on to a plastic bag because plastic pollution in the ocean is becoming so hopelessly bad.

The song reminds me so much of myself and how it felt to leave Europe and come to the US. I could not fly on my own. I also needed a pigeon to hear my plea. I know many others are desperately looking for pigeons to take them "away"; not even necessarily to come to the US. Some Americans might want to fly away to Europe! Some people might want to fly away to a different state within the US; others want to fly away for a few days and take a break over the holidays. Whatever your story: sometimes we have to bite down hard on a stick - so did I. My "feathered friends" always treated me fair and well. Along the way of immigrating to the US, I met many officers, many Americans that always treated me well.

However, the fate of the one particular sea turtle this song is about, leaves me thinking about how easy it would be to reduce plastic waste if we'd be more conscious about our purchasing efforts, our bagging, our kid's toys, our skincare - then maybe sea turtles would not want to leave the beach to fly to New York City. Instead, they would want to stay where it's beautiful and not polluted.

Thank you, Imagination Workshop Band, for making such inspiring music for kids. And thank you, everyone for considering making a change for sea turtles.

Yours truly,

The Ladson’s Team.

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