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The first day of March here in Georgia means Spring is near. Fruit trees bloom in pink and white, the birds are busy chirping and tirelessly picking up seeds, darting through the air like all they have left is one day to live.

Being able to spend more time outside again is a blessing, but I also notice that the dog tracks in dirt and dry grass, the kids bring sticks and rocks inside from their explorations, ladybugs are kind of everywhere, and I am constantly wiping or cleaning something. I have reduced the cleaning products in my house to a minimum, and am always looking for refillable options.

The most significant waste I found was dish soap. We go through so much. Every other week I would throw another plastic bottle away. So I decided to make solid dish soap. This has been such an awesome discovery, and it works beautifully. Sure; I have to tend to my soap sometimes, put it up where it can dry out overnight, rinse and dry the dish it sits in so it doesn't get slimy.

But it is so efficient, and smells crisp and fresh, without being overpowering. The soap is easy on my hands and lasts longer if not just as long as the watered-down stuff that comes in plastic bottles. I use our wooden brush with it, and even gave up on using sponges.

Another fun thing in our household section is our toilette bombs. They have been selling well at the markets, and customers love them. They are so easy to use, my kids love popping them in the toilet bowl and watching them foam up. Let them sit for a couple of minutes until dissolved, scrub, flush, done.

Having sustainable cleaning products in your household doesn't have to be super complicated. That's why we made a Spring Cleaning Combo for you that's available for a reduced price.

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