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Since a lot of essential products for soap making come from the rainforest, I learned a lot in the past few months as a soap maker about the threats, dangers, lies and benefits of products from the tropical rainforest. First and foremost, the destruction that’s caused by harvesting palm oil. Ladson‘s is completely palm oil free.

I am very thankful that I found suppliers that are dedicated to save and sustain the remaining rainforest on our planet. My coconut oil will soon originate from a virgin coconut oil processing facility located in the center of the Bitung area in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Local, small-scale farmers sell their coconuts to a factory, where virgin coconut oil is produced by skilled and experienced workers. From Sulawesi, it travels to Jakarta, to the US, to my soap kitchen, to your home.

I use coconut oil in every soap bar I make unless it is made with the lighter and less abrasive babassu oil. Now you know where it‘s coming from. My kukui nut oil also comes from Indonesia as well as buah merah oil and Illipe butter. 

Other butters I use in my topical skincare products like whipped butters and balms come from an amazingly passionate woman that only sells wild harvested products, purchased directly from small farmers in Brazil.

We have to take care of our skin, but we also have to consider our planet. Trees, nuts, flowers and fruits from the rainforest and even from regional deserts and gardens, provide us with amazing raw material that can heal, nourish and benefit our overall skin condition.

Having Ladson’s come to life made me realize more than ever how skin health influences my all-around well being. Producing the best product for my skin and yours, requires top quality raw materials.

It is one of my goals to keep searching for planet-passionate suppliers, keep building relationships with organizations that are aware of the destruction human needs and wants can cause in the rainforest. But not all has to be bad: Suppliers provide jobs and income to essential small farmers all over the world. If I know that my material is Fair Trade, organically grown, sustainable or even wild-harvested, I can give you a product that will satisfy YOU and your skin. Be aware.

Change your skincare routine and love it.

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